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Conflict Resolution

This seminar outlines common behaviors that negatively impact the workplace. Insights and examples are presented to help understand the effect of specific actions or reactions, motivating change.

    Many tools are offered including:
  • Recognition of emotional triggers
  • Understanding magical thinking-assumptions
  • Boundaries
  • Stress reduction
    Common workplace issues covered are:
  • Non-communication–verbal shut downs
  • Avoidance–calling in sick
  • Complaints without suggested solutions
  • Resistance to change in job description or personnel–increased stress levels
  • Resistance to resolving disputes or addressing counterproductive behavior
  • Garden-variety paranoia–real or imagined
  • Resentments–feeling unappreciated or disrespected, and the attitudes of entitlement

The individuals within each group dictate the dynamics in the workplace, whether a family owned business or large corporation. Problematic interactions within the group take away from individual efficiency and affect overall productivity.

Numerous long-term tools are also outlined to improve morale and attitudes using productive approaches to problem solving, thereby reducing normal friction that does occur.  This is especially important because it often determines the attitude each person chooses to approach their tasks with, and as significant, the resulting attitude that they take home. This frequently causes an aggravating cycle that is then brought back to work – a crazy-making treadmill.

Based on Rose Taylor's book Your Conflict, Your Resolution – A Practical Guide (revised 2nd Edition)

Options: Brown Bag (1 hour) and Half Day (3 hours).  Seminars can also be customized. Email for more information or to book a seminar for your business or group.

Creative Process

This seminar is about discovering your optimum creative model for manifesting your ideas from daydream to reality.  This group setting allows you to understand the commmon- alities of obstacles we all face in our personal and professional life.

You will learn practical tools for these common blocks, such as procrastination and habitual daydreaming, that can undermine your confidence and competence. You will also learn how to alter limiting patterns by letting go of regret, unfounded fears, and resistance.

   You will be able to:

  • Define you individual process
  • Visualize clear goals
  • Get started today
   You will also learn about the power of:
  • Fundamentals & Consistency
  • Inspiration & Perseverance
  • Desire & Willingness
  • Change & Opportunity
This is a “must do” seminar for discovering what works through newfound insight and first-hand experience.

Options: Brown Bag (1 hour) and Half Day (3 hours).  Seminars can also be customized. Email for more information or to book a seminar for your business or group.

Conflict Resolution Seminar Testimonials

“Rose’s presentation helped me solve numerous conflicts with associates that came up recently during a project. What specifically helped was her insight on the important use of an effective attitude, thereby helping me see that these were an opportunity to take care of the problem it caused me rather than trying to change the other’s behavior. This helped me listen to the other person openly, without rancor. The open communication resolved the conflict. I appreciate how she gave us information and then helped us practice it with some of our current conflicts.”
Natasha Zellerbach, CMP, Women of Vision,  San Francisco, CA

“Rose’s presentation was informative and punctuated with examples in what to do in an existing conflict. Helpful and entertaining.”                    
Michelle Comeau UPS Manager, San Francisco, CA

 “An enjoyable, enlightening presentation on the concept of conflict – always bringing it back to a personal level, motivating the audience to take positive action.”
Rev. Laura Hopper, Church of Natural Grace, San Francisco, CA

“Rose connected easily with the audience, imparting insight with humor, and introducing simple tools and their practical application in daily life.”
Judy Tergis, Teacher, Psychic Horizons Meditation School, San Francisco, CA

“Rose has the innate talent to assess the audience and adjust the material on a moment-to-moment basis without losing the original intention of the message or idea. She exemplifies the thing she is talking about which is a real gift.”
Zoe Inman Director, Advanced Program of the San Francisco School of Massage, CA

Goals Course Testimonials

"Rose's goals course was incredible. Since her class, I have learned to create my own website and am in much more control of my business, which I created in her last class"   Don

"What a spectacular class - so much transformed for me. My anxiety really is not much of an issue, for example."What could be more important than to look at our creative process as we consciously approach our goals?  Rose Taylor takes us on a journey bringing awareness to our resistances and light to our talents as we become aware of our individual creative process and then fine-tune that process."  Joe
"I was able to use Rose's class to help me focus on my goals in a whole new way that I found very positive. I was also able to work on releasing barriers to the successful achievement of my goals that I did not even know were there. Overall, it was a great class and it helped me reach an important goal."  Martina

"Thanks for all your support - the class brought me to a more conscious level in knowing my possibilities and being able to act them has made my life more meaningful." Cynthia

"Rose's class helped me to clarify a "goals path" for myself. The class was much more than a simple how-to format. Rose guided each participant by sharing good tools, asking questions when needed and keeping us on a light & positive path. It was wonderful to allow myself the time to sit in meditation with a personal goals focus."  Susan

"I really enjoyed the Goals Setting class conducted by Rose Taylor.  Not only did I achieve my goal but the best part was realizing I already had all the tools I needed.  It was very powerful to be reminded that we are in the driver’s seat to achieving and creating the life we desire."  Sharon 

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