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“Strictly Goals”

“Studies show that the 3% with written goals outperform the other 97% several times over. They also show that working with a coach will increase your productivity."

Goal setting is a process that allows you to change the course of your personal and professional life. Through the use of goals you can successfully introduce a new direction. Goal setting is a proven and vital approach to instituting change and altering your approach to all facets of your life. I will work with you to craft your creative process model by providing a step by step easy to follow plan to manifest your ideas into your reality. This manifestation is the optimum outcome of Goal Setting and it can be your new reality.

I guide you through the use of questions to illuminate and to break up common blocks that have been hindering your progress and success. Blocks such as procrastination, fear, anxiety and habitual daydreaming can undermine your confidence and hinder your competence and growth. In addition to questions, I will also use assessments, exercises and other tools to assist you in removing your blocks. Let’s get started today to put structure to your goal.

Working with me will enable you to:
  • Define your process
  • Customize your approach
  • Visualize your dreams 
  • Express clear goals
You will also learn about the power of:
  • Fundamentals and Consistency
  • Inspiration and Perseverance
  • Desire and Willingness
  • Change and Opportunity
Five 1-hour Coaching Sessions:  $300 (Introductory Offer)
Sessions may be conducted in person or by telephone
Payment by check or credit card

Life Coaching Testimonials

Rose Taylor is an excellent writing coach!  Her creativity, planning and writing assignments got me to focus on the journey of writing my first book.  Without her coaching I still would be staring at a blank notebook.  I cannot thank her enough.  I strongly recommend Rose to anyone wanting to seriously be motivated to write and publish a book.
Stephanie La Shawn, Career Coach and Business Etiquette Trainer, Pride In Presence

Rose helped me focus on goals for my massage practice that were realistic. She really helped me break through the thick crust of procrastination, and gave me the encouragement and dare to see what could be on the other side of that.... "Oh my goodness, it's success!" She has a wealth of business networking techniques and resources and easy to implement marketing ideas to boot! I also want to say that she gave me such a simple sort of mantra to use...."Money is not an issue!" She is a deep well of wisdom, and she has a great sense of humor, but just be warned, she will hold you accountable for your own success!!!
Aiden Douglass, CMT

Coaching with Rose has given me many opportunities to look past the doubts and insecurities. I truly appreciated that honesty and life experience.  She helped me set goals and accomplish them, in spite of all of the “excuses".
Tatijana M. Goreta, web designer

My work with Rose has been a life changing experience. She provides the inspiration and tools to explore new possibilities. I used to be very stressed out about life issues. Working with her helps me turn my paralyzing stress into renewed confidence. Our sessions continue to identify ways to be more productive and confident in my abilities and strengths. Her coaching sessions consistently provide fresh opportunities to recognize the true nature of my life, to become aware of where I am, where I really want to go and most importantly, what I need to do to get there. Once the way is clear, Rose's coaching provides a supportive yet effective accountability mechanism to keep me on task. In just a short time, I've seen my stress level drop and my overall personal and professional life blossom through her guidance, support, and honest feedback. Rose is teaching me to embrace my unique approach to life and live in a way that truly brings me joy. Working with Rose continues to be a great experience to make things happen in my life. I cannot thank her enough.
Patricia Luzi

Rose Taylor has been able to help me articulate goals - that's a big deal for me. She has supported me in recognizing the value of taking small steps to accomplish each one of those goals. Her two books, Jumpstart Your Creative Process and, Your Conflict, Your Resolution, have been tremendously helpful to me. From reading them I understand some of the patterns in my behavior and thinking that get in the way of my success.
Dona Turner, Educator and Artist

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