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Your Conflict, Your Resolution
illustrates how unresolved conflict limits our goals, and though sometimes unavoidable, are valuable learning opportunities. Conflict is not a four-letter word!

Learning to recognize the part we play, from communication break- downs at work, to the emotions that hold us back from getting what we really want, helps us take the first and most important step towards change.

This book offers an insightful road map for taking personal responsibility for our conflicts. We are the constant in every situation. When we get upset, it really is about us and not them. After all, if it weren’t them, it would be some other “them”.

Twenty-five easy to use tools are outlined for on-the-spot resolution. Twelve exercises for long-term benefits are also offered to assist in identifying internal conflicts, discover their origins, allowing freedom of choice in action instead of reaction.

Paperback $15.00
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eBook $12.00

Seminars teaching the tools from this informative book are available for your company or organization.

Creativity is the free-flow movement of energy directed toward a desired end result. It is a natural energy waiting to be used. It isn’t inherited – it just is. It doesn’t run out – you can’t over use it. It isn’t the inspiration that is sometimes there and sometimes not. What we do with this energy is our creative process.

This book is about discovering your optimum model for manifesting your ideas from daydream to reality. You will find practical answers to common blocks that can undermine your confidence and competence. Included is a 30-day activity calendar for discovering what works for you through newfound insight and first-hand experience. Think of it as a beneficial experiment for you to enjoy!

Paperback $12.00
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eBook $10.00

  Support independent publishing: buy this e-book on Lulu.

Seminars teaching the tools from this informative book are available for your company or organization.

Book Reviews: Your Conflict, Your Resolution - A Practical Guide

“This book is a clear, insightful, practical guide on how to move past the roadblock of conflict and achieve a satisfying resolution. In so doing, it helps the reader develop new self-knowledge and new skills.”
Sophia Vinogradov, M.D. Associate Chief for Research and Education, SF VA Medial Center,
UCSF Resident Professor of Psychiatry, San Francisco, CA

“I enjoyed this book. It caused me to have a paradigm shift with my own self-talk. I have a master’s degree in counseling and I believe this book is one of the best self-help books I have read.  Personally, the tools I like the best are the grounding cord and the stress reduction in 90 days. I have been trying Rose’s ideas which gives me a trail to see where I have been and where I want to go. While the changes in my behavior are not yet great, I like having greater insight into the “why” of many of my actions. I find myself doing this many times a day.“

P.Jurovich, mortgage broker, St.Paul, MN

“A great hands on tool kit for solving the knotty conflicts that tie up our lives!”
  Harriet Rohmer, Publisher, San Francisco, CA

“An enlightening look at how to determine what really bugs us and come to terms with the real issues in our lives. I find myself reaching for the tools and using them.”
Lynn Ruth Miller, Author, Pacifica, CA

“A fine and helpful resource for people.  I’m jazzed…I felt I grew courage after reading this book – I felt the will to be stronger and make more attempts.”
Faye Brown, Paralegal, Berkeley, CA

“Beautiful and helpful ideas – very well stated. Everything written had value.”
Shirley Edwards, Graphic designer, San Francisco, CA

“Wonderfully inspirational. Tons and tons of great information. I feel many people will benefit greatly from this material.”  
Tim Michaels, Teacher, San Rafael, CA

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