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“Strictly Goals”

“Studies show that the 3% with written goals outperform the other 97% several times over. They also show that working with a coach will increase your productivity."

Let me introduce myself to you; I am Rose Taylor a Certified Goals Coach. I received my coaching certification from San Francisco State University in their Core Strengths–Career/Life Coaching program. Guiding you to setting and achieving your life’s goals is my expertise.
In addition to one-on-one coaching, I offer effective tools and information through seminars and books on conflict management and the creative process to achieve greater professional and personal success.
The benefits and results are:
  • A working creative process model using a step by step plan to manifest ideas to reality: the optimum outcomes of goals
  • Practical answers to common creative blocks that undermine confidence and competence
  • Numerous easy to use tools for on-the-spot resolutions
  • Effective methods that allow for accepting personal responsibility, addressing issues, and finding freedom of choice in action instead of reaction

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